Blackarachnia for Champions (100+150)

''There are times it pays to be a spider.'' - Blackarachnia

Real name: Blackarachnia
Other known aliases: Arana Negar (name of release in Mexico), Black Widow (name of release in Japan), La Veuve Noire (name of release in France), Ms. Arachnia, Spider-Babe, Webs.
Occupation: Double Agent
Current group affiliation: Predacons, later Maximals and then Decepticons.
Rank: 5
Past group affiliations: Maximals
Major enemies: Maximals, later Predacons.
First appearance: Double Jeapordy 1.08 (television series), Convention Comics 1997 (comics).
Origin: Double Jeapordy 1.08
Description: Blackarachnia is a 6 foot tall black and gold female robot who turns into a black widow spider.


18	STR	 8
12	DEX	 6
21	CON	22
10	BODY	 0
14	INT	 4
16	EGO	12
10	PRE	 0
12	COM	 1
10	PD	 6
10	ED	 6
 4	SPD	18
 9	REC	 2
42	END	 0
30	STUN	 0
Characteristics Cost: 85

Powers and Skills

 7	+0 STR Clinging,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift."	
10	EC (10),"Transformer powers"	
11a)	7/7 Armor	
10b)	13" Running,1/2 END(+1/4)                                    1
 8c)	Shape Shift,"Spider",Incantation(-1/4),0 END Persistent(+1)  0
 6d)	12" Swinging,x8 Non-Combat,OAF(-1)                           2
 1	Life Support - Requires half normal food.	
19	Life Support,doesn't breathe,safe in vacuum/pressure,safe in	
	 heat/cold,immune to aging	
34	MP (60),"Weapons",Only in appropriate form.(-1/4),OIF(-1/2)	
 2u	1 1/2D6 HKA,"Bite/Claw",vs physical defense,0 END(+1/2)      0
 3u	2 1/2D6 RKA,"Cyber-Venom Blasts",13-16 Charges(0),OAF(-1/2),	
	 +1 Increased Stun Mult(+1/2)                                0
 3u	3 1/2D6 RKA,"Machine Guns",vs physical defense,13-16	
	 Charges(0)                                                  0
 3	Radio XMIT/REC,OIF(-1/2)	
 4	1 BODY Regen,recovery rate: per hour,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape	
 4	18 STR,1/2 END(+1/4)                                         0
 3	Acrobatics 11-	
 3	Climbing 11-	
 2	KS: Cybertonian History 11-	
15	5 Levels: with claw/bite, gun and dodge.,tight group	
 3	Navigation 11-	
 3	Seduction 11-	
 3	Stealth 11-	
 3	Survival 11-	
 3	Systems Operation 12-	
 2	WF,Small Arms	
Powers Cost: 165


Base Points: 100
15	Accidental Chg,"To beast form if stunned.",common,occur 11-
 5	Distinctive,"Talking spider-bot.",easily concealable,minor
15	Hunted,"By anti-Predacon forces.",as powerful,harsh,appear
15	Psych Lim,"In love with Silverbolt III.",common,strong
15	Psych Lim,"Overconfident",common,strong
15	Psych Lim,"Sadistic",common,strong
15	Psych Lim,"Violent",common,strong
10	Rep,"Evil alien robot.",occur 8-,extreme reputation
10	Rivalry,"with other Predacon warriors.",professional,PC
15	Unluck,3D6
10	Vuln,"to high energon attacks in robot form.",uncommon,x2
10	Watched,"By Predacon leaders.",more powerful,non-combat
	 influence,mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion:

Stasis pods History: Blackarachnia was one of the protoforms from the Maximal ship called the Axalon commanded by Optimus Primal, which chased the Predacon criminal Megatron II in the stolen ship Dark Side through transwarp space after the theft of the Golden Disc. The Maximals and Predacons crashed on prehistoric Earth, where high energon levels threatened to destroy the crew unless they adopted organic alternate modes (Beast Wars Part 1).

Blackarachnia The Axalon's cargo of Maximal protoforms in stasis pods had been launched into orbit before the crash, but eventually Blackarachnia's pod fell to Earth. Optimus Primal and Dinobot attempted to retrieve the pod, but it was taken by Scorponok II, Terrorsaur and Waspinator. Captured by the Predacons, the protoform was infected with a Predacon shell program and given the alternate mode of a black widow spider by Tarantulas. Megatron II welcomed the new Predacon. Noticing that the Predacons were one step ahead of them, Optimus Primal convinced Rattrap to act like he betrayed the Maximals. Rattrap was sent to scout energon in a dangerous sector. The Predacons, having broken the Maximal transmission codes with a recovered Maximal communications chip, sent Terrorsaur to attack Rattrap. Rattrap let Terrorsaur defeat him so he could ask to switch to the Predacons. Terrorsaur returned to base and attempted to take over the Predacons by having Rattrap ambush Megatron II and disable his servoes. Although Scorponok II remained loyal to Megatron II, Blackarachnia and Tarantulas saw no loyalty to their old leader. Both Rattrap and Megatron II were placed in cells in the lowest levels of the Dark Side, but they each promptly escaped. Optimus Primal, Rhinox, Dinobot and Cheetor waited outside the Predacon base to attack. Rattrap discovered the chip being used overhear the Maximal transmissions, stole it, and after a run-in with Tarantulas, signaled Optimus Primal to being the attack. During the fight Megatron II allowed Terrorsaur to lead to prove what an incompetant leader he was. Rattrap joined the battle seemingly on the Predacon side but then shot Terrorsaur and left with the Maximals. Megatron II firmly took back the leadership of the Predacons. At the Maximal base Optimus explained how Rattrap's ruse allowed him to gain access to the Predacons ship and recover the Maximal chip (Double Jeopardy).

Megatron II had Scorponok II create a viral-mine in the form of one of his cyber-bees. The virus in it was intended to reduce the courage of it's victim, making him afraid of everything. The bee also kept the target from transforming and was set to kill it's victim and explode if removed. Scorponok II ambushed Optimus Primal and Dinobot while they were on a scientific mission and used it on Primal. Although Dinobot returned Primal to the base where Rhinox placed Primal in a cryo-regeneration chamber and diagnosed the damage. Rhinox discovered the virus was flawed and it made Primal hyper-aggressive instead of cowardly. Primal bashed his way out of the C.R. chamber, but was subdued and locked in a holding cell. Dinobot hoped to use Primal as a weapon, but Rattrap worried this would get him killed. Believing Primal had his rage under control, Cheetor freed him from the cell, but soon the rage took over and Primal blasted his way out of the base intent on destroying the Predacons. Cheetor attempted to negotiate for the cure with the Predacons, but failed. Upon arriving at the Dark Side, Primal penetrated the hull and defeated Tarantulas, then Waspinator. Rhinox, Rattrap, Cheetor and Dinobot attacked the Predacon base in an attempt to help distract the Predacons as Optimus attacked, while Terrorsaur and Blackarachnia mounted a defense. In Scorponok II's lab Primal found Megatron II holding the anti-virus, and offering to allow Primal to join the Predacons, but Primal refused. Ripping the bee off his chest, he threw it Megatron II, just as Cheetor made it in time to inject Primal with the anti-virus and save him from shutting down. The bee then exploded, damaging Megatron II, Scorponok II and the ship as the Maximals made their escape. Back to the Axalon, Primal healed from his wounds (Gorilla Warfare).

Blackarachnia, Terrorsaur and Waspinator attempted to drill their way into the Axalon, but were thwarted when they were discovered by Tigatron (A Better Mousetrap).

Airazor's pod fell to Earth inside Predacon controlled terratory. The pod was spotted by the Tarantulas and Megatron II, as well as by Rhinox and Cheetor. Cheetor told Tigatron to contact base with the news. Blackarachnia and Scorponok II were sent by Megatron II to retrieve the pod. Rhinox was the first to arrive at the crash site and discovered the pod was damaged and the protoform was dying. Cheetor then arrived to help Rhinox save the protoform. On his way back to base, Tigatron discovered Scorponok II and disabled him, but was in turn ambushed by Blackarachnia. Rhinox replaced the damaged locking chip in the protoform with one donated by Cheetor. Cheetor confronted Blackarachnia, keeping her from getting to Rhinox and the protoform. Cheetor then tried to lure Waspinator and Terrorsaur away from the pod, but Terrorsaur got the best of him. Rhinox had to run the sequencer program for the protoform through his own processor to keep it alive. This knocked Rhinox into stasis lock, but started the DNA scanners for the stasis pod. The protoform was formatted to the form of a falcon which was flying overhead just as Terrorsaur arrived. The newly born Airazor was able to defeat Terrorsaur. Rhinox took her back to the Axalon, introducing her to Optimus Primal and the other Maximals (The Spark).

Rhinox conducted tidal research on the planet and discovered that one of the moons seemed to have too low a mass, as if it was hollow. Tigatron made his weekly radio report to Rattrap at the Maximal base when he was attacked by Terrorsaur and Waspinator. During the battle the three stumbled across a flying island with a weapons system tower which nearly destroyed the Predacons. Optimus Primal checked out the scene of the fight, but found nothing. Terrorsaur and Waspinator limped back to base where they reported on the island to Megatron II. Airazor then reported to the Maximals that she saw the Predacons flyers return to base severely wounded. As Megatron II sent Scorponok II and Blackarachnia to find the island, Airazor followed them. Tigatron discovered the island had traps and that the weapons system fired at any use of energy weapons. Scorponok II found the island using one of his cyber-bees, although Tigatron captured it. Blackarachnia used her line gun to get them up to the island. Discovering they were being watched, Scorponok II shot Airazor from the sky. Tigatron found Airazor and reprogrammed the cyber-bee to return to the Maximal base with a message. Cheetor found the cyber-bee. In the message he warned the Maximals of the island and it's potential power to destroy them if it fell into Predacon hands (The Trigger Part 1).

As Blackarachnia and Scorponok II discovered the secrets of the island, Airazor and Tigatron worked to get to the weapons system first. Optimus Primal took Rattrap and flew to the island, but they were intercepted by Terrorsaur and Waspinator. During the battle Rattrap was able to capture Terrorsaur and ride him to the island. Tigatron and Airazor triggered a booby trap on the island, but narrowly escaped. The Predacons got to the weapons system first. Blackarachnia used Terrorsaur to distract the weapons system and blast her way in. She planned to use the weapons system to destroy the Maximals and rule the Predacons. As Scorponok II attempted to subdue her he fell victim to another booby trap. Blackarachnia took control of the island from it's command center and set course for the Maximal base. Optimus Primal ordered Cheetor, Rhinox and Dinobot to evacuate the base. Before she was able to bring the island within range, Tigatron fought his way into the weapons system and fired on it's power-core, causing the island to crash. After being destroyed, the weapons system tower sent a signal a similar tower on the moon, which sent another message into deep space. This turn of events worried the Maximals, as they wondered who built the island and how they would react to its destruction (The Trigger Part 2).

Inferno II's pod fell to Earth. Blackarachnia uncovered Tarantulas' lair. Tarantulas' wanted to get a hold of an intact stasis pod so he could make a ship capable of leaving Earth, and his computer system discovered a falling pod. He sabotaged both the Maximal and Predacon computer systems so neither side would know of the pod, but Tigatron also spotted the falling pod. Tarantulas and Blackarachnia were the first to the pod and Inferno II was infected with a Predacon shell program. Although Tarantulas attempted to format the protoform as another spider, he was too late and it had already scanned a fire ant. As Tigatron closed in on the pod's landing site he was attacked by Waspinator, but saved by Airazor. Tigatron sent Airazor off to get the pod as quickly as possible. Inferno II emerged as a Predacon fire ant with a violent personality dominated by his ant nature. Inferno II attacked Tarantulas and Blackarachnia as invaders and set to protecting his colony, the stasis pod. Inferno II then attacked Airazor. Blackarachnia played along and convinced Inferno II she was sent by the royalty of the colony. Tarantulas went after the stasis pod while they were occupied. Noticing the pod was gone, Inferno II hunted down Tarantulas. Airazor went for help as Tigatron tracked the Predacons. Megatron II's equipment came back online and he sent Scopronok II to bring Tarantulas and his finds back to base. Tigatron caught up with Tarantulas and destroyed the pod so it wouldn't fall into Predacon hands, but then he was attacked by all the Predacons. Inferno II vowed to destroy Tigatron and all his kind for the destruction of his colony, but he was seriously injured when Optimus Primal and Airazor arrived to save Tigatron. Scoponok II then returned Inferno II to the Predacon base for repairs (Spider's Game).

Blackarachnia and Inferno II watched as the Predacon scientist Fractyl attempted to invent energon armor capable of protecting them from energon build up. Although seemingly successful, the armor was stolen by the Maximal thief Packrat. Blackarachinia and Fractyl realized the energon armor was flawed and could destroy the planet if it came in contact with large amounts of energon. Inferno II pursued Packrat, but since Packrat didn't need to assume beast mode with the armor on, he got the upper hand in the fight with Inferno II. Hearing the battle, Airazor, Cheetor and Rhinox joined Packrat. Fractyl convinced Rhinox that the armor was a threat to them all. Rhinox was able to talk Packrat into giving up the armor, which Fractyl aided them in doing. When Blackarachnia arrived with Megatron II, Packrat suggested that Fractyl pretend to be attacking the Maximals, who fled. Megatron II was impressed with Fractyl's new found battle prowess (Convention Comics 1997).

Blackarachnia When Starscream's Spark possessed Waspinator, he attempted to betray Megatron II with the help of Blackarachnia. When Starscream failed, his Spark was set adrift in space again and Blackarachnia rejoined Megatron II claiming she was loyal to him all along (Possession).

When the Earth was hit by a quantum wave it transfigured several Cybertonians into transmetal forms, but Blackarachnia was unaltered (Aftermath).

Eventually Blackarachnia fell in love with Silverbolt III, another Maximal protoform. He loved her too, and eventually she switched sides as well.

''I know what you're feeling. You can't decide if you want to kiss me... or kill me.'' - Silverbolt III
''I'm a black widow, I can do both.'' - Blackarachnia

Blackarachnia As Silverbolt III and Cheetor continued to clash over their attraction to Blackarachnia, Rattrap discovered a copy of Dinobot's the personal datatracks. Deciding to attempt to use them to bring Dinobot back to life in the body of his clone Dinobot II, Rattrap recruited Depth Charge to hunt down Dinobot II. Although successful in finding Dinobot II and uploading the datatracks, Dinobot II resisted being taken over by the new personality. Dinobot II would have killed Rattrap and Depth Charge if it wasn't for the timely help of Rhinox (Dark Glass).

When Blackarachnia's Predacon shell program started to fail she was saved by the Transmetal Driver and became a Maximal transmetal spider.

After Megatron II was captured, Blackarachnia returned with the other surviving Maximals to Cybertron on board the Autobot shuttle Omega Delta (Nemesis Part 2).

On the way back to Cybertron Megatron II escaped into transwarp space, and arrived on Cybertron years before the Maximals. Megatron II conquored Cybertron and when the Maximals arrived he captured Silverbolt III and Rhinox and removed their sparks. Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor and Blackarachnia escaped, but were infected with a transformation blocking virus which stripped them of their transmetal enhancements and left them glitching in beast mode, suffering from memory loss. Fleeing deep within Cybertron Optimus Primal was contacted by Vector Sigma and was reformatted into a techno-organic form. He then reformatted his companions (The Reformatting).

In an attempt to learn what had happened on Cybertron the Maximals raided the Cybertron Archives, but found it empty. Megatron II's diagnostic drone continued to remove the organic elements from Megatron II's body, however it continued to fail. Blackarachnia started to have visions of Silverbolt III when she was in robot mode. Frustrated with how the Maximals were eluding his drones, Megatron II used the sparks of Rhinox, Silverbolt III and Waspinator to create the Vehicon Generals Tankor, Jetstorm IV and Thrust III. Rattrap and Blackarachnia first encountered the three Vehicon Generals when looking for their ship, the Autobot shuttle Omega Delta, at a spaceport. Rattrap discovered that the Vehicons could only track the Maximals in robot mode. When Blackarachnia accessed the shuttle records in an attempt to learn what happened when the arrived on Cybertron, Megatron II attempted to read her memories and learn the location of the Maximal base, but Rattrap saved her from revealing the information. Cornered by the Vehicon Generals, Optimus Primal and Cheetor rescued their comrades as the shuttle was destroyed (Fires of The Past).

After the defeat of Megatron II the planet Cybertron was left reformatted into a techno-organic world.

On the reformatted techno-organic Cybertron Cheetor, Rattrap, Silverbolt III and Blackarachnia were interviewed by the Autobot reporter Rook. They then welcomed the Autobots Roulette, Shadowstriker, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Trailbreaker back to Cybertron. Buzzsaw III, Quickstrike II and Rockbuster were also present. The returning Autobots along with Blackarachnia and Silverbolt III were then abducted via teleportation beams and taken to Unicron. Tap-Out, Megatron IV, Brawn, Grimlock and Snarl III were also abducted from various timelines. Silverbolt III, Blackarachnia, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were forcibly reformatted by Unicron. Taken captive by Razorclaw IV, Reptilion, Obsidian III, Tankor II and Striker, the Autobots were forced to fight one another. They witnessed Smokescreen III kill Smokescreen, whose spark was absorbed by Unicron. Sensing the need for a champion Primus and Alpha Trion brought Optimus Primal back to life (Transformers: Universe #1).

Seduced by Unicron, Blackarachnia joined his Decepticon forces (Transformers: Universe #2).

Blackarachnia was sent on a mission to Cybertron where she attacked Rattrap, but was chased off by Depth Charge (Transformers: Universe #3).

Trivia: On the Beast Wars television show, the voice of Blackarachnia is played by actress Venus Terzo. The toy of Blackarachnia is similar to that of Tarantulas. Although Blackarachnia went from being a normal Predacon to a transmetal 2 Maximal on the television series, there was a McDonalds Happy Meal toy released of her as a transmetal.

Blackarachnia Powers: Blackarachnia is a Predacon, a small, highly fuel efficient Cybertonian. She is resourceful and brave. Her weapons include a cyber-venom gun and torso-mounted automatic guns. The gun can also fire a climbing line. She can assume the form of a giant black widow spider and is an expert climber. She recovers from damage quicker in beast mode and is better protected from high energon levels as well.

Weaknesses: While she was loath to admit it at first, Blackarachnia grew to love Silverbolt III. While highly skilled Blackarachnia lacks physical strength. She cannot fly. High energon fields can adversely effect Blackarachnia if she stays in robot form for too long. Her animal form is protected from high energon levels. Blackarachnia lacks ranged weapons in beast mode.

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