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Michigan Computer User Group, Inc.

Amiga Focus Group

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About us:

Focus group leaders: Mathew R. Ignash and Cedric Alston. We meet monthly in the city of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Drop either of us a line for details. Feel free to read the MCUG Calander of Events. Also visit MCUG's Telecom Focus Group who also have their own web page.

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Next Meeting:

For the November meeting we will be talking about the recent OS 3.5 developments, reviewing newsletters, and other software developments. The Amiga Focus group will then merge with the C64 group for the night to watch a demonstration of Wheels for C64.

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Last Meetings:

  • I was unable to attend the October meeting.
  • At the September meeting we played with some old Amiga games, and demonstrated some new DOOM wads. We also talked about reading C64 disks on the Amiga.
  • At the July meeting we looked at MagiC64, a C64 emulator, as well as several additions to Doom II. We also talked about attending the Midwest Amiga Expo this October.
  • Our June meeting included reviews of the new IBrowse and DoomAttack updates, comparing MAME to ArcEm for classic gaming, a new 800x600 AGA screen mode hack, and going over the several web sites like the new Amiga Inc. site and a Babylon 5 encyclopedia.
  • Due to work I was unable to attend the May meeting.
  • Our April meetings had attendies from the COMP and DCUG group. We covered web browsers, the Olofight demo, C64 emulation, and the Nintendo emulators.
  • At the March meeting, we had guests from Nova Sector Engineering show up and demo their Amiga 4000T with a Phase5 Cyberstorm PPC accelerator.
  • The February 26th, 1998 meeting featured Cedric Alston demonstrating how he composes music on his Amiga 500 and MIDI keyboard. Included detailed demoes of Bars and Pipes Pro, and Deluxe Music. We also went over some new developments in Amiga audio like AHI retargetable audio.
  • The January 1998 meeting we had a demonstration by Gamasoft, who showed the latest version of Metal Web, a WYSIWYG web page authoring program. We also showed off the A64 package, and a port of DOOM for the Amiga.
  • The December 1997 meeting was our Christmas party. We had door prizes, including donations from Nova Design and C64 and More Store. We also showed the Amiga Legacy video, and had subscription forms available for those wishing to get future issues of this Amiga video magazine.
  • The November 1997 meeting centered on talk about members wanting to update their systems. Workbench upgrades, Final Writer, and Deluxe Paint were talked about. I showed of me latest upgrade to my Amiga 1200 tower conversion, which now has 18mb of RAM installed.
  • The October 1997 meeting included a feature comparison of AWebII v3.0, IBrowse v1.12a and VoyagerNG v2.88. It also included lots of talk about the Amiga's emulation prowess, with passers-by being supprised to see Amiga, Macintosh, and PC-AT software running on my A1200 all at the same time. We also spoke with representatives from Nova Sector Engineering about their new line of high end Amiga systems for home use. They informed us that they have had a good number of orders from as far away as Australia, and that their machines would probably ship with Warp-Up software, and the Finale Development internet bundle. We also talked about the newly revised Blizzard PPC line from Phase 5.
  • The September 18th 1997 meeting had several topics. First an update on the news coming from Amiga. Followed by a review of the new Amiga Legacy video. We also took will at Amiga gaming through emulation. We reviewed CoolNESs v0.43, a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator, a C64 emulator playing Galaga, and the Amiga port of SimCity 2000. I showed off my Amiga 1200 tower conversion efforts. We also had officials from Nova Sector Engineering and Gamasoft at the meeting, talking to the members.

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    Directions to our meetings:

    The November 19th meeting is at South Lake High School. Which is located at 21900 East Nine Mile Road, in St Clair Shores. Coming from I94 you take the 9 mile road exit East. Then you pass Harper, and it will be on right side of the road. Go all the way around to the back near the shop entrance. The meeting starts at 7:00 P.M., but the doors will be open at 6:30 P.M. We have a map of the area available here.

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